Laying On A Beach In Costa Rica Can Also Teach You About Life

Hard times can teach you things.
But what we get caught in-
Is believing that things have to be hard
For us to learn from them.
I learned a lot playing in the dirt as a child.
I learned a lot from building blocks and making something new,
From writing nonsensical stories that brought me joy.
I've learned a lot from sitting in rooms with friends,
Where the only challenge was keeping our drinks in
Because we were laughing so hard.
Sure, my darkest days brought me wisdom,
But it was when the light shone again
That I found the meaning in learning those lessons at all.
When we are used to things being hard,
We forget that there's another way.
How do I reframe that for anyone else,
When I fall into the same way of thinking?
There will be hard times that we can't avoid,
But in the rare moments when during a valley,
We have the ability to choose differently,
I hope you remember,
Hard times can teach you things;
But good times can teach you things too.